Life in the “Big City”

My philosophy professor – Dana Sawyer – always asks his students at the beginning of each class: “How’s life in the big city?” Big city? Portland? Surely Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and hundreds of other cities are much bigger.

No, I understand it now. Portland is big. Portland is full of opportunities. Portland is wonderful. As springtime slowly eases its way into this coastal city, I see the changing of the season as a turning point for Portland as well. Men’s Health named Portland, ME the 17th most socially networked state. As time passes, the networking in Portland only increases, especially with a new wave of graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and web designers move into their senior year at MECA. My Junior Seminar class focused specifically on networking – whether that online presence sticks to an audience of Portland or gravitates elsewhere is up to us.

I’m excited to work more on my web portfolio this summer and take on more freelance projects. I have a few lined up at the moment and as the projects move to completion, I’ll be putting those up for show! I have a lot of this semester’s work that I’ll be photographing in the weeks to come. Stay tuned! I also have a nonprofit online news organization project set to launch on April 15th. There will be more news on this to come as well!


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Advanced Typography – Magazine Spread

Our first major project for Advanced Typography is done! Below is my article I wrote for the class. You’ll notice there are no widows or orphans! Click on the images to view a larger version! (Spreads fold in HALF – like a magazine would normally do!)


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Our next information design project is to create a map of 24 hours of our lives. I chose to document a particularly busy day of mine in which I spent time in four different places. This gave my map more of a shape, rather than blocking out 24 hours spent very close to home. Here are some process shots.


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Boarding Passes, revised

I revised my boarding passes for a critique! Take a look at my solutions.


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Boarding Passes

Our first project for Information Design is to redesign a plane boarding pass. Lufthansa was my plane of choice: probably the nicest plane I’ve ever been on. I knocked out three examples for our initial critique. They are simple and to the point. Emphasis on the basics (time/seat/gate, etc) was the main idea.


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Today I realized the importance of networking. Well, realize may have been the wrong word to use; I’m giving myself too much credit. I was taught the importance of social networking. Gary Robinov, a New Media/Graphic Design MECA alumni is one of the professors of my Junior Seminar class: “Your Presence Online”. (The other is Sean Wilkinson another MECA alumni of 2001.) I’m so excited for this class. We’ve had one class so far – and a shortened introductory one at that! In the hour and a half that we managed to fill with content, Gary stressed how important it is to have an online presence…and that’s what this class is! A giant semester-long class in which we will work purely on establishing our names online. We will even be creating our own portfolio sites. I’m excited about “the list” that will be passed along: a giant list of online sites that’s crucial to be a part of if you’re trying to get your name out there. A few of the obvious (facebook, twitter, wordpress) are a given. Now starts the homework – time to start putting my name out there! This is the real world and as long as my name isn’t spoken, I’m an artist without a cause.

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